daisy jeffery shares a tour of her home office

Making my house a home has always been incredibly important to me, even when I was younger — I think not moving around much when I was little meant that anywhere I lived outside of the family home had to be a place where I felt very secure and where I could be myself. For those of you who don’t know, I bought a house with my boyfriend in 2015 and ever since we moved in it’s been a long job trying to decorate, furnish and accessorise the hell out of it to get the house into a state where we feel truly comfortable and happy with it. On that note, with it finally being complete, I thought it would be a nice series to show you guys the finished product.

I thought I’d kick start this home tours series with my office as this is the place where I write most of my blogs, take my pictures and believe it or not have some quiet time. So let’s get things started…




First things first, I wanted to make my home office a light, bright space where I would look forward to spending my time. My office at my day job can get pretty messy with magazines and paperwork everywhere, so for my home office I really wanted a calm environment where I could stay focused, relax and enjoy — I figured if it was pretty enough I would be motivated to stay in there and get s**t done. With that, I painted all of the walls a bright white in the Dulux silk paint range, with all of the furniture (apart from my desk chair) being white too. The only pops of colour in the room are through the rose gold or copper accessories and lighting, pictures in the frames, and magazines lining the bookshelf. It looks so clean and fresh — I love it!


I’ll be honest, clutter freaks me out. If there’s mess everywhere all I’m going to want to do is tidy it away, not sit down and work, so my desk is as neat and well-kept as possible, yet still with the essentials on so I can reach for them easily. On my office desk you’ll find my iMac which I treated myself too for my 26th birthday in August 2016 (my Macbook Pro now acts as my ‘messing about’ laptop which I keep downstairs in the living room), a pile of fashion magazines for flicking through for ideas, inspiration and general browsing on a quiet moment, a copper lamp, flowers (fake, as I kill everything!), a couple of books and my favourite Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candle. On my desk I also have my two Olympus cameras (the Pen E-PL7 and the Tough, which I take on holiday as it’s water and shockproof). Above on the walls I hung some floating white shelves from IKEA which have a series of pictures, self-portraits and inspirational framed quotes on. What you can’t see is the stream of paperwork, cables and pens and other useless junk which I keep hidden from view in the desk drawer — kind of like Monica on Friends where she professes to be a neat freak and then has her ‘messy cupboard’ where no one can ever see!


Ok, so ‘canon corner’ sounds cute, but in short, it’s just the corner of the room where I keep my Canon 600D on its trusty tripod. I’ve spoken before about how in general I don’t use this camera much anymore as my Olympus Pen has become my everyday go-to, but for when I have no poor soul to bribe with food to run around after me taking photos I generally use the Canon for self-portraits for outfit posts. I then jazzed this corner up with a large freestanding white-framed IKEA mirror and a framed monochrome portrait my Mum bought me years ago from B&Q.


This is about as ‘cluttery’ – yes, I made that up – as my home office gets, but to be extra freakish each shelf on my bookcase does have a purpose. I won’t bore you too much but on the top shelf there’s photo frames with pictures of my friends and my parents, the second shelf are my favourite bulky fashion collectable books and one of my ballroom and latin dancing trophies from when I thought I would grow up to be the next big star to land a job on Strictly Come Dancing, the third shelf is my graduation photo and a ton of fashion magazines and books, fourth shelf is my graduation certificate and some homes magazines from my day job, and the bottom two shelves are lined with fiction books and files of paperwork.

And there you have it, my home office! I’d love to hear what you guys think and see any pics of how you’ve decorated and styled your own work space so feel free to pop these in the comments below on the blog, or over on my YouTube channel on my home tours video there! X

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