Want to shoot a question over, get in touch to discuss any collaborations or business opportunities, or just to say hey then please feel free to do so via the following:

I get a bucket load of emails a day from readers, friends, PRs and those pesky sites you sign up to and then they spam you until the end of time (they never accept my delete requests!) so I’m sorry if my reply isn’t immediate but I do make sure I get back to people as soon as possible.

You’ll find me on here pretty much all day, every day. IG seriously is a blogger’s and anyone with any interest in photography today’s dream and let’s not kid ourselves we all love a #blogger hashtag. Here, I’m always liking #inspo pages and love connecting with people whether it’s a cheeky like, a quick comment or making amazing friends so feel free to scroll my page, drop me a message and say hello!

OK, so for those who have typed my name into Twitter you’ll see I’ve actually got TWO Twitter accounts. The one listed above *points finger upwards* is my personal account linked to my blog, the other one (titled DaisyHBR) is my work one for my day job and is way more formal and unrelated to my blog’s topics, so it’s best to stick with my standard one. As always, feel free to drop me DM, check out what I’m up to, view my latest pinned tweet, whatever takes your fancy!

If you’ve ever seen my camera roll, it’s a total freaking mess. It’s more confused than a fashionista trying to pack outfits for fashion week… yeah, that bad. So Pinterest is brilliant for me because it means I can collate all my fave images in one place but actually keep them organised. Do I have a tonne of boards? I wish I had the time for that.. this social site is super addictive after all. The boards I do add to though really reflect my current life loves and I hope will give you more of a clue as to what I’m all about.

Ohhhh Facebook. It makes me feel old knowing how long I’ve held an account. My blog’s FB page is relatively new though still and I’ll be totally honest I really don’t make enough time for it. It’s not my favourite social media outlet so while I’d love for you to drop by, please don’t expect great things and bear with me while I try to improve it!