PR | Disclaimer

OK… now onto the boring (but apparently essential) bit — I’ll make it as short as possible, promise!

So, I’m pretty damn lucky to get the opportunity to work with some amazing brands, which I hope will continue as I love collaborating with like minded companies/people who share my excitement for beauty, fashion, travel and fitness, but if you want to work with me (and I hope you do) then you need to know the standard guidelines.

While the website covers a lot of female interest areas, this is at the end of the day a personal blog too and as such all content is written and edited by me, and while I absolutely LOVE reading other bloggers’ work and admire so many, I don’t accept guest posts — I’m really sorry. In order to maintain an authoritative, individual voice on this little part of the internet, I will also never write anything that is in any way influenced by a brand or PR, payment or not.

While I am absolutely a PR-friendly blogger (and any PR that’s spoken to me will know that I am super flexible to make time for them) given the nature of the content and wishing to maintain the blog’s identity, when it comes to product/clothes samples I will only accept and write about products which are relevant to the blog’s topics and reader’s interests, and these reviews will be 100% honest — I do not believe in false advertisement, and let’s face it people can smell that shit a mile off! Everything on my blog reflects my true interests and obsessions and therefore I will only feature items which I genuinely like, love, or absolutely can’t do without. Any sponsored posts or samples that have been sent from a PR will also be clearly marked with a *PR at the end of the post, and if I feature these products on Instagram then they will be marked with #ad — I know it sucks but it’s against the law otherwise and that’s not handy for anyone, sorry!

I hope I haven’t rambled on for too long and that is all out the way now so feel free to continue browsing the site, and if you want to get in touch whether it’s for any collaborations or opportunities, or just to drop by and say hi, then please feel free to contact me direct at

Thank you! x